Who We Are

Welcome I am Rob Mia, I am a working from home consultant that specialises in residential
architecture, furniture making and product design. I have over 15 years worth of residential architecture
experience working within some of the most renowned practices in the world.

My typical clients are your everyday growing family that require more space for their home, to the fast
paced developers wishing to optimise their budgets.

I am confident working as an all round 360 performer that deals with each project from start to finish,
from the initial meeting to survey, feasibility, planning, building regulations, tender, contract admin to
project management all the way to handover and snagging. When I am very busy my wife (who is an
architectural technologist) helps out.

I really enjoy a challenge, proposing really unique contemporary new builds in areas such as
greenbelts and or conservation or tricky extensions on listed buildings. I encourage you to bring me the
tough ones.

My fees are very fair as I work from home compared to the rates in the large practices. I charge a
modest fee which includes the expenses, I generally estimate my  hours and fix the fees for each
assignment so each client knows what they are paying.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to email me, text or call or just complete the online form and I
will get back to you. I do offer up to 30 minutes free consultation on local proposals.